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Alyx Advisory Group
7510 Montgomery Blvd NE 106
AlbuquerqueNM 87109
 (505) 250-8003
SEEKING RETIREMENT & MEDICARE ADVICE?Frustrated by the complexity of Medicare coverage and Social Security?
Are hidden fees eating away at your retirement savings?
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A Medicare Advisor and Financial Consultant in Albuquerque, NM

Alyx Advisory Group is a Medicare advisor and financial consultant that helps you retire well. Since 2006, we’ve helped countless clients secure their financial futures with retirement planning, medicare education, fee reduction advice, and education about Social Security maximization. We believe in meeting our customers face to face, and we're happy to schedule a consultation at our office or in your own home.  

A Medicare Broker Working For You

When it comes to Medicare, we partner with Med Care Senior Insurance Solutions to help make sure our clients have the right coverage for their needs. We work with every insurance carrier in New Mexico, so your best interests are our primary focus. And by working with us, you'll always have a local contact you can actual get on the phone to help you navigate difficult situations. Don't get caught with the wrong Medicare coverage!  If you need Medicare advice, work with the experts!       

Retirement Planning

When it comes to planning for retirement, most people don’t know where to start. As many as 21% of working Americans don’t have any savings for retirement. That’s why we help our clients manage their finances to retire richer.

Our process is easy. Fill out a form, and we will set aside time to meet with you and get a hold on your financial situation. We will then assess your current retirement plan to figure out a way to help you keep more of your money.  Many future retirees are set to lose one-third of their savings to hidden fees. We find ways to reduce those fees and help make it easier to save!

Wealth Management

Alyx Advisory Group can help you find the help you need to grow your wealth and retire well. We partner with certified financial planners and institutional money managers who will help you create retirement plans that make sense for your life!  

Social Security

It can be difficult to understand all of your options when it comes to Social Security. Before you make potentially life-changing decisions regarding this important benefit, talk to someone that truly understands all of your available choices. Call us today at (505) 250-8003 to learn more!

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